Establishment of a European
information system on forest genetic resources

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EUFGIS Secretariat

European Commission publication on genetic resources

The European Commission (EC) released a publication summarizing the achievements of the 17 projects that were implemented in 2006-2011 with financial support from the Community Programme on genetic resources in agriculture.

The electronic version of the publication is available on the EC Directorate General for Agriculture and Rural Development website. Hard copies of the publication can also be requested from the same website.

Dissemination of the project outputs

Information on the progress and outputs of the projects are being disseminated to end-users and other relevant stakeholders through various newsletters and journals, the project website and the EUFORGEN website.

Public awareness material has also been prepared and the project partners have presented updates on the project activities at various meetings and other events (see a full list of presentations).

The launch of the EUFGIS information system, that took place in September 2010 in Vienna, was a major public awareness event of great interest to a wide audience, including stakeholders, policy makers and general public. Read more